Evoko Minto - phone-conferencing system

December 16, 2015

Evoko Minto - phone-conferencing system

Evoko Minto, the new phone-conferencing system, increases productivity and efficiency of your organization and brings major improvements in the speed of decision making in a meeting. Evoko Minto operates smoothly with your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Working through Bluetooth or cable, it takes only seconds to connect. Minto captures and accurately transmits sounds within a range of 10 mm easily covers rooms for 20 people. Patented sound-improvement software and four directive microphones for state of the art echo cancellation, noise reduction and speech enhancement.

The system allows users to check the machine status displayed by the three colors: the blue color, showing a Bluetooth device is connected, changes to green when a call is active and instantly shifts to red when muted – letting you know you can speak freely.

With a battery that allows the use of 8 hours, Evoko Minto can be used in any room in your office and can be stored and charged on Wall Mount. Halo Light and Voice Feedback always lets everyone knows what is going on.