Vivotek, ELTEK Distribution's partner on the Romanian market, has grown rapidly on the market of IP video surveillance systems, currently being one of the leading manufacturers in the field. The company's target is to become a complete solution provider for IP video surveillance industry. In addition to strengthening its leadership in Taiwan, Vivotek is working to strengthen its international presence in order to offer solutions for next-generation IP video surveillance, reliable and practical for the global market, while protecting the environment through various environmental initiatives.

offers a comprehensive range of products, from network cameras, video servers, receivers, NVRs and management software.

Added value and opportunities of IP video surveillance have an upward trend because it offers major advantages:

  • Supervised areas can be tracked in real time by multiple users simultaneously, regardless of their location
  • The digital format offers a higher resolution compared to the analog solution, both HD and Full HD
  • Rooms can have smart features for detection, identification and tracking of objects, thus reducing false alarms
  • IP video systems installation and maintenance is more effective and less costly compared to analog systems
  • It can connect to 3G systems, so can be tracked from a mobile phone