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CoreStation - Intelligent Biometric Controller Suprema

CoreStation - Intelligent Biometric Controller Suprema

CoreStation, Suprema


CoreStation - Intelligent Biometric Controller Suprema

Suprema CoreStation is an intelligent door controller which provides the advantages of a biometric-enabled security over a centralized access control systems. Designed up to enterprise-level systems, the CoreStation handles up to 500,000 users with an incredible fingerprint matching speed of up to 400,000 match/sec. With the provisions of high-performance, biometric readiness, Ethernet communication, CoreStation is capable of offering the full features of the BioStar2 platform.


• Centralized storage for user and access control data including fingerprint credentials

• Complete controller functionalities with fingerprint matching

• Multi-port interface for fingerprint /RF readers

• (Supports locks, sensors, RTE, and alarm devices)



• 1.4GHz Octa-core CPU, 8GB flash + 1GB RAM

• High speed fingerprint matching: max 400,000 match/second

• User capacity: max 500,000 users

• Event log storage: max 5,000,000 logs



• Centralized, secure storage of biometric and access group data

• No Ethernet connection to the edge devices

• No data stored on the edge devices

• Secure communication via TLS 1.2

• AES-256 encryption


System Flexibility and Scalability

• OSDP 2.0 compatible

• Elevator control with OM-120

• Supports up to 132 access points with DM-20 and Secure I/O 2

  - 132 x Wiegand readers/64 x RS-485 readers

• 3rd party Wiegand reader

• 4ch onboard reader control

  - Wiegand, RS-485, relays, inputs, outputs, power out, AUX

• Leverages existing wiring


Simultaneous matching speed up to 8 devices in 1 second

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